Facial Regeneration

The process of aging has always been a concern for the human being. Aging implies progressively diminishing the functional capacity of our body tissues and organs.

Since ancient times, the skin aging is the main cause of concern for humanity. It is known that the deterioration of our skin is caused by cell or intracellular matrix degradation, fat atrophy, atrophy or muscle relaxation and repeated muscle contraction that are processes regulated by genetic, environmental and disease factors.

The therapeutic application of PRGF is based on the results obtained in years of research by the BTI-Biotechnology Institute (Bilbao-Spain), which has determined a crucial role of growth factors in the proliferation, differentiation and regeneration of injured cells, Damaged or in this specific case aged.

After the application of mesotherapy with PRGF, the controlled release of a set of growth factors that will restore and stimulate Fibroblasts (main cells of the skin) is promoted promoting the formation of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin, essential components to maintain a Skin hydrated, smooth and young.

It is recommended that this technique should be processed in appropriate medical facilities, under conditions that maintain sterility and ensure proper preparation and application.

Performing this treatment takes about 1 hour, is painless and outpatient. The patient returns to his activity the next day and is performed once a year for children under 45 years, and twice a year for people over 45 years.

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