Millimetric Resonance

It is a new and revolutionary; millimeter waves have the same frequency as the cells, the imbalance of these is the main reason of our health problems. These waves reinforce the power of self healing of the body.


Eliminate parasites, bacteria, viruses and infections.

Through the kidneys by night runs around two thousand liters of blood, which is filtered and is concentrated in the urine.
The millimeter wave therapy structure body fluids, but water can also be structured.
Water structured increased the level of energy in general and therefore enhances the effect of all treatments.
The more drinks of structured water, ara better human beings.
This accomplished structure body fluids, which contributes to the communication between cells work better.
• Normalizes the immune system parameters.
• Improves micro-circulation.
• Balances the metabolism.
• Slows aging and thus prolongs the life.
• Low risk of oncological diseases.
• Increases the effect of the drugs and, at the same time, low side effects.
• Reduces treatment time.
• Improving the health of patients who have suffered a heart attack heart or a brain hemorrhage.
• Improves the healing of bone fracture in 2.5 to 3 times.
• Gives an analgesic effect.
• Treatment anti – stress.
• Disease of the urinary system.
• Diseases of the mouth and throat.
• Cardiovascular diseases.
• Diseases of the respiratory organs.
• Diseases of the stomach and intestine.
• Disease of the motor unit.
• Disease of reproductive organs.
• Skin diseases.
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