What is ozone?

History of medical ozone

The first ozone generators were developed by Werner von Siemens in 1857 and in 1870 appeared the first report on ozone as a blood purifier.

There is evidence of use as a disinfectant since 1881, mentioned by Dr. Kellogs in his book on diphtheria.

In October 1893 the Dutch city of Ousbaden inaugurated the world’s first ozone-treated water treatment plant. Today there are already thousands of municipalities around the world that use ozone for this purpose. Both drinking water and sewage treatment.

The first book on ozone as a medical therapy was written by Dr. Charle J. Kenworth and sponsored by the Florida Medical Association. Nikola Tesla in 1896 patented the first ozone generator, and in 1900 founded Tesla Ozone Company. The same system invented by this engineer remains unchanged in our day. There are Tesla generators still working perfectly after 75 years of use. Tesla was the first to ozone the olive oil. In 1898, in Berlin, Luth initiated the therapies with oxygen. He worked ozone with animals and associated ozone with magnesium, producing Homozon. At the same time several papers were published in the journal Naturopahy by Dr. Benedict Lust. In 1902, J.H. Clarke publishes in London a “Medical Practical Handbook” describing the usefulness of ozonated water to treat anemia, diabetes, influenza, morphine poisoning, cancer pain, sneezing and pertussis poisoning. In 1911, Dr. Noble Eberhart, chief of physiology department at Loyola University in the “High Frequency Operating Manual” used ozone to treat tuberculosis, anemia, chlorosis, tinnitus, pertussis, asthma, bronchitis, fever Hay, insomnia, pneumonia, diabetes, gout and syphilis. In 1913 the first German association of ozone therapy was formed by Dr. Blass. During World War I, ozone is used to treat wounds, frozen foot or pit foot, gangrene and the effects of poisonous gas. Dr. Albert Wolf of Berlin also used ozone to treat cervical cancer and decubitus ulcers in 1915. In 1920, Dr. Charles Neiswanger, president of the University Hospital of Chicago, published “Electro Therapeutic Practice”. Chapter 32 of this book is devoted entirely to “ozone as a therapeutic agent”. In 1926, Dr. Otto Warburg of the Kaiser Institute in Berlin announced that the cause of cancer lies in the oxygen deficiency at the cellular level. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931. He was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize. In 1929 a book is published in the USA, “Ozone and its therapeutic action”, in the list 114 diseases and how to treat them with ozone. The authors were all Heads of various Hospitals. In 1933, the American Medical Association, then led by Dr. Simmons, promotes and encourages the Government to prohibit all therapies other than authorized and properly registered drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is obviously at the origin. Since then, ozone therapy in the US has been banned and even in some US states such a ban persists. Paradoxically, the FDA approves the use of ozone to purify blood from transfusion and to render the water injected. In 1932 a Swiss dentist, E.A.Fisch uses it in dentistry. In 1934, the prestigious French doctors Aubourg and Lacaste initiate treatments with ozone through rectal insufflation. In 1948, Dr. Guillermo Turska of Oregon began using ozone using a machine designed by him, and in 1951 he wrote a wonderful article, OXIDATION, which is still relevant today. Turska started injecting ozone into the portal vein reaching the liver. From the years 1953 Dr. Hans Wolff in Germany wrote the book Ozono Médico and founded the first school for doctors in Ozone Therapy. In 1957, Dr. Hansler patented an ozone generator that has been the basis of treatments for the past 45 years. More than 10000 German doctors who use and recommend ozone daily in their medical practice. In 1961 Dr. Hans Wolf introduced in his medical practice the MAJOR AND MINOR AUTOHEMOTHERAPY. In 1977 Dr. Renate Viebahn provided a technical description of the action of ozone in the body. In 1979, Dr. George Freibott began treating his first AIDS patient with ozone successfully. In 1980, Dr. Horst Kieff reported the same results as Dr. Friebott. In 1987, Dr. Viebahn and Dr. Rilling published the use of ozone in medicine. In 1990, Silvia Menéndez, Frank Hernández, Ofilio Peláez and others communicated in Cuba, where the first Ozone Research Center in the world was founded, successes in the treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa, Glaucoma, Retinopathies and Conjunctivitis. In 1992, the Russians revealed their

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