It is the procedure that allows the venous and lymphatic system to be aided by a true impelling pump, which would act as a peripheral heart giving the ascending bloodstream the necessary impulse for a rapid return to the heart.
In this way it accelerates the processes of reabsorption of toxins, improving in turn the oxygenation of the tissues. It acts, compensating in part for the inconveniences of the sedentary life. Technique: It is supplied through boots, arms and abdomen (special for pressure therapy), through which a positive pressure is made on the body, thus stimulating the circulatory system, generating a lymphatic drainage.
• Reactivates the circulatory system
• Increases body oxygenation
• Stimulates the immune system
• Tones Muscles:
• Eliminates cellulite and prevents formation of new
• Models and reaffirms (glutes and legs)
• Edema (postoperative, resulting from burns)
• Chronic edema caused by vein problems
• Chronic venous insufficiency
• Cellulitis
• Lymphatic edema
• Post-paralysis
• Post-traumatism
• Rheumatic edema
• Sciatica
• Damage to spineContraindications:
• Alcohol patients
• Patients with extreme fatigue
• Patients with artificial hearts
• Cancer in veins or patients with thrombosis
• When the capillaries can become clogged
• Patients with artificial joints, metal grafts
• Heart problems, hypertension, acute inflammatory skin diseases, lung edema, acute or vicious acute tumors, circulatory disorders in arteries, fever, etc.
• Patients with recent surgical operations
• In children

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