What are Platelets?

They are so small blood cells that they have been ignored for a long time. They come from the megakaryocyte, a cell that proliferates and matures in the bone marrow under the influence of thrombopoietin. Platelets are essentially recognized for their primary function of ensuring discontinuation of bleeding when tissue damage occurs. Another important function that day by day acquires greater relevance is the one related to its use like therapeutic agent directed to stimulate the cellular proliferation and the cicatrización the tissue.
Constitute the storage site of biologically active proteins, contain granules called alpha, rich in proteins that are clustered in the center of the platelet during platelet activation.
What is the role of platelets in cell proliferation and healing? Platelets for their property of secreting a set of proteins at the site of the injury provide the necessary constituents for tissue regeneration and remodeling of the extracellular matrix.

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