What is PRGF?

Cell regeneration technique based on the properties of platelets that secrete a substance called GROWTH FACTOR which is responsible for cellular changes included in the recruitment of peripheral stem cells and cell reproduction. It is obtained through a blood draw which is treated in a centrifuge to obtain the platelet rich plasma.

There is no risk of disease or phenomena of rejection as this growth factor is an antholog, which means that it is extracted from structures of its own blood. It can be applied to the painful, and / or damaged joints of the hip, knee, shoulder, neck, spine, ankle and foot. As well as in tendon and ligament conditions, calcaneal spurs, frozen shoulders, bursitis, tendon ruptures, in people with asthma, acne, diabetes, HIV, hepatitis, etc.

No matter the age of the patient to whom it is applied since the platelet-rich plasma accelerates the healing process of different lesions without risks or secondary alterations in adults, children, young people and even professional athletes.

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